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Sites - Chingaza National Park

Site evaluation: 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
Elevation: 2600-3600 m
Climate: Cold and wet
Trails: Guided, roadside
Accommodation: 2 Stars 2 Stars
Food: 2 Stars 2 Stars
Hot water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Communications: Cell phone
Region: Bogota & Eastern Andes
Location: Dept of Cundinamarca
Summary: Chingaza National Park is a large mountainous range featuring montane forest, mountain lakes, and páramo covered with a vast expanse of frailejones (Espeletia uribei), a spectacular and rare plant found in only a handful of páramo sites. There is good access by road (50 km) east of Bogotá. The security situation has been variable, so check with National Park authorities in Bogotá before visiting.
Endemics: Bogotá Rail, Flame-winged Parakeet, Matorral Tapaculo
Key Species: Rusty-faced Parrot, Blue-throated Starfrontlet, Bronze-tailed Thornbill, Bearded Helmetcrest, Black-headed Hemispingus, Rufous-browed Conebill and Black-chested Mountain-Tanager
Access: 25 min from Bogotá to La Calera
Site Description: All along the road from La Calera to Fomeque is worth birding. From km 28 the road enters some good temperate scrub mixed with Chusquea for Rufous-browed Conebill and Bronze-tailed Thornbill, especially about km 29.6. The habitat changes dramatically as you go over a pass at km 31.8 into the eastern slope of the Eastern Cordillera, with frailejones (Espeletia), including an endemic species which towers to 12 m. A further 3.5 km from the pass the main track turns to the right to ?Pozo 3 and 4?. Continue along the main track, bearing left at a cable car station and left at a major intersection at km 4.8. A further 800 m is some excellent montane forest (3,100 m) at ?pozo 3?, for Flamed winged Parakeets, Blue-throated Starfrontlet and Black-chested Mountain-Tanager. Similar habitat can be also found by found from the major intersection at km 4.8; turn right and go 1.4 km to Pozo 4.

Continuing along the main road, the next 5 kms are good for Bearded Helmetcrest, Bronze-tailed Thornbill and Black-headed Hemispingus. After a further 2-3 km you will pass a guest house run by the Aqueduct Company (102 km from Bogotá), and then come to a gate that controls access to the rest of the park. You will need a permit from MMA to enter the Park. The road continues beyond the entrance, through spectacular scenery with excellent páramo and polylepis forest around Laguna de Chingaza. Flame-winged Parakeet and Rufous-bellied Nighthawk have been seen about the park campground. Near the Park centre are two nature trails; to San Juanito for Flame-winged Parakeet and Rusty-faced Parrot and to La Y Mirador over Laguna de Chingaza. Check the lakes for waterfowl and edges for Bogotá Rail and shorebirds.

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