Great Scheduled and Custom Tours in Colombia ''The Land of Birds"

The Tours

Our tours are planned as ones that we ourselves would like to go on, so they are very strongly oriented toward birds. All Birding Colombia leaders have varied interests in natural history and other related fields, but the timing and itinerary of our tours is dictated almost entirely by ornithological considerations. A few tours combine serious birdwatching with other activities appropriate to the area, or even with simple relaxation, and these are clearly indicated.

Unless otherwise noted in the tour text, group size for our tours ranges from four to 10 people plus the leader(s). Very occasionally, group sizes will be larger, as when the use of chartered aircraft or boats requires larger groups to keep our per-person costs within bounds.

If you have never taken a birding tour, you might want to look at our essay . Please choosing a birding tour.

The Pace of Tours

Birdwatching involves some odd hours and at least a modest amount of physical activity, and we want all participants to understand fully what’s required. Birds are most active during the early hours, and often we’ll have a pre-breakfast walk or an early breakfast before leaving for more distant points. All tours require gentle walking, sometimes for periods of up to six hours. Birdwatching is continuous, of course, and we rest as necessary. At times we climb hills, walk on uneven or wet terrain, or push through vegetation. On tours with more than one leader, we are sometimes able to have “faster” and “slower” groups. Lunches are often picnics, but sometimes we have a sit-down or “fast food” lunch. In warm climates we usually rest during the heat of the day, venturing out again in mid- to late afternoon and returning to the hotel an hour or so before dinner. A bird list is compiled most days, usually before or after dinner. Nightlife more adventurous than an after-dinner drink is seldom possible on most tours, as we normally stay in hotels well away from commercial development.

All activities are optional within the general framework of the tour. We encourage and assist participants in the pursuit of personal aims if these do not conflict with the conduct of the tour. Persons with specific non-ornithological goals should contact Birding Colombia. before the tour to determine whether they can be realized.

Most tour participants have been birdwatching for some time, and while their skills may vary, they normally have binoculars, know how to use them, and are familiar with at least the rudiments of how to watch birds. If you have never watched birds before, please contact us and we’ll suggest a few ways to help you prepar

Keel-Billed Toucan
Keel-Billed Toucan
Extension Tours

Extension tours of anything from a day to 6 days can run either in the days before of after a scheduled tour. For example if you have an extra day in Bogota before your flight home we can arrange a trip to local highlands or cloud forest, or you could take 5 or 6 days getting dirty in the Amazon basin before the other participants of your tour arrive. Ask about what we have on offer to suit your needs.

Custom Tours

Let us design the tour that best suits you or your group depending on your interests, abilities and time availability. We can design tours in the Andes and Inter Andean valleys, Choco, Caribbean, as well as trips to the spectacular llanos or the Amazon basin, both of which offer many birds as well as larger mammals and reptiles you don't see on our scheduled itineraries.

We use only experienced drivers who have worked extensively with birders with modern, comfortable and safe vehicles suitable for the many different road conditions that we use in Colombia.

Guides are equipped with binoculars, spotting scope, iPod and speakers for playback, back-up playback equipment, laser pointer, photographic kit and endless patience and good humor.