When is the best time to visit Colombia?

The short answer is NOW!! Colombia can be good to visit all year round. April to October may be traditionally more rainy, but the difference is small and year-on-year variability plus the influence of outside factors like Caribbean hurricanes and El Niño make seasonal rain patterns very unpredictable.

What weather conditions can I expect?

Most tours will experience a full range of weather because of the diversity of altitudes. Expect temperatures from close to freezing to hot tropical with near to 100% humidity. We also visit desert areas. Tours will usually see at least some rain, but losing more than a day's birding because of heavy rain is uncommon in Colombia.

What clothing will I need?

Try not to over pack. Bring some warm but light outer layers for the high Andes, rain gear, lots of long pants and long-sleeved shirts, preferably quick-drying, and stout waterproof walking boots, or rubber boots. A sun hat is recommended if your skin is sensitive. Simple waterproof footwear can be useful for showers and evenings.

What other equipment should I pack?

Birding gear for the field - binoculars, camera, notebook and pencil, a portable and up-to-date field guide, a small flashlight and an umbrella or poncho. Your guide will have a laser pointer, spotting scope and large light for night birding, so they are not necessary.

Sun cream is essential.

Insect repellent, especially in lowland areas.

Most costs are included but a credit card for emergencies and some US dollars, which can be changed at airports or larger hotels, are useful for alcoholic drinks and tips.

Most lodges and hotels provide towels but a small, fast-drying towel is handy.

What electricity is used in Colombia?

Sockets use 110v electricity and your chargers or adapters should be suited to this. In some remote places there may be no electricity or blackouts, please bring extra batteries if you think you will need them.

How can I secure my reservation?

45% of the total tour cost can be made by bank transfer 77 days before the tour begins.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

If you cancel 2 months before the trip we charge a US$150 cancellation fee. Later cancellations incur a fee of 25% of the reservation fee.

Will I need Malaria/Yellow fever medication?

For advice on all medical matters, speak with you doctor before you travel. Yellow fever jabs may be recommended, especially if travelling to the east of the country. Malaria is rare in Colombia but medication is usually recommended for areas below 1200 m.a.s.l.

Is Colombia safe?

All of the areas visited on our tours are safe for travel. Incidents involving international visitors are virtually unheard-of in Colombia; furthermore we receive local information about potential security risks before visiting all areas.

Should I get travel insurance?


What is tipping policy in Colombia?

Service charges are included in restaurant and hotel bills. We understand that visitors to Colombia come from many different backgrounds and cultures so, an additional tip, usually 5-10%, is entirely up to you.